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About us

As experts in Drayage, Warehousing/Transloading, and LTL shipments, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique requirements. With a commitment to exceptional service, competitive pricing, and a reliable network, VPV Transport is your trusted partner for efficient and seamless transportation and storage of your goods.

How it started

CEO/Founder, Jose P. Bossi, standing on the back of his first truck.

A true American Dream story. At only 16 years old, CEO/Founder, Jose P. Bossi made the decision to leave his home country, Uruguay and start a new chapter of his life in the USA. At the age of 18, he began driving company trucks at smaller companies, accumulating experience and building expertise.

Before he knew it, he had saved up enough to purchase his own truck and work for one of the most idolized trucking companies in the east coast at the time, H&M. During that time, he learned all aspects of trucking, the driving, the mechanics, customer service, and the safety/compliance component. 

In 2003, Jose entered a partnership and started his first company with 4 trucks. That company quickly lifted and by 2011, Jose and his wife, Monica, decided to go on their own and start up their own trucking empire, naming it after their three daughters. VPV – Viviana, Paola, and Valentina. 

Jose has used his experience and determination to lead his family business into what it is today. Currently, VPV proudly operates over 100 “green engine” tractors and 120 team members. The team is made of drivers, in-house mechanics, yard jockeys, warehouse personnel, and office staff. In addition, the business continues to grow within the family as Jose and Monica’s daughters take on leadership roles within the company. As Jose always states, “no matter how big or small the job is, it’s a piece of cake for us!” 

Jose and Monica have dedicated their entire career to ensuring that VPV is not just a trucking company but a company that values its team members and all wins are shared equally. From annual company picnics to holiday parties and monthly company outings, everyone is celebrated at VPV. 

Servicing the ports of NJ/NY and Philadelphia, committed to overcoming any challenge the industry has to offer. VPV is all about servicing above expectations and providing customers with the comfort that once you send us a delivery order, everything else will be taken care of- “You Call. We Haul. That’s All!” 

Jose P. Bossi and his family.


Our shipping company boasts an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, enabling us to handle diverse shipping needs with efficiency and precision.

Green Engine Trucks

Two VPV Trucks

All VPV Tractors are Kenworth and no older than 2021. One of VPV’s core values is supporting the Clean Trucks Plan set by the EPA, a plan “to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful air pollutants from heavy-duty trucks” 


Cargo loaded on a flat bed

VPV owns 30+ brand new gensets that are regularly maintained and monitored. These assets guarantee any customer that their reefers will go into demurrage or not be delivered to shortage of equipment at pool depots. VPV’s gensets ensures reefer capacity, cargo quality and safety. 


VPV Transport Truck

VPV’s chassis fleet is made up of over three hundred types of chassis; 40ft, 20ft, 20ft-40ft Sliders, Tri Axles, Tank Chassis, StepDeck, and FlatBed. VPV also has dedicated chassis fleet mechanics that complete daily maintenance and repairs to avoid any chassis breakdowns on the road. By choosing to use VPV chassis, this eliminates chassis split fees, risk of chassis breakdown and hours of waiting time for pool chassis road services. 

In-house Truck Shop 

VPV Road Service truck

Throughout the years, VPV has built a team of expert diesel mechanics that are ready to take on any challenges to ensure all trucks are on the road in the safest circumstances. Driver Safety is a priority, therefore our drivers undergo in-depth training with mechanics to fully understand their equipment and make sure they are equipped with all tools necessary on the road. Having an in-house truck shop makes any truck repair a quick solution! VPV has also added a towing unit and Road Service van, that assists in making sure any truck breakdowns are attended to as fast as possible. There is no down time at VPV!